Thermography and Our Customers

What is thermography?

The simple explanation is that all objects above absolute 0 Kelvin emit energy in the infrared spectrum.  Thermal imaging utilizes special instrumentation to detect this radiation and display it as a visual image.  Through the use of electronics, temperatures, colors, and shades of colors are assigned to different levels of energy that can be interpreted by the thermographer.

Please feel free to browse the categories below or go directly to more specific information on Creative Infrared Solutions’ residential and commercial services.  Learn more about thermography at Wikipedia (External Link)

Visible Light SpectrumIt is important to note that the infrared spectrum is invisible to the naked eye because its frequency or wavelength is beyond that of the the visible light spectrum.

Our Customers


Homeowners will find the services of Creative Infrared Solution especially helpful in the following areas:

  • Identifying areas of repair which will return a high ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Home buyers and sellers can use a thermal imaging report on a property to negotiate price and value on a purchase or sale.
  • Third party confirmation that new construction or remodeling was done correctly is invaluable. Just because it is new or the builder says it was done right DOES NOT mean your home was built or remodeled correctly.

Building Owners & Facility Managers

Building Science Services:

  • Thermal envelope scan.
  • Air intrusion scan
  • Moisture intrusion scans.
  • Roof scan
  • HVAC Scan
  • Radiant Heat mapping and balancing.

Insurance Companies & Customers

Creative Infrared Solutions regularly provides insurance companies data when damage is not so obvious to the naked eye. Our infrared scanning and results can be used to help in proving (or disproving) property damage during settlements.

Policy holders can also use thermal infrared scanning of any structure to add leverage in negotiating the premiums of the insurance contract.

Marine Customers

Do not wait until you are out in the open water to discover you have a problem with your boat’s electrical system or power plant. Thermal imaging of your boat on a yearly basis can help you make sure your investment stays safe and afloat.

Scanning can:

  • Confirm hull repairs are completed correctly.
  • Show sources of water infiltration through the hull.
  • Uncover problems and inefficiencies with the electrical and mechanical systems
  • Provide private owners and marinas with additional documentation on the condition of the vessel.

Architects & General Contractors

Architects and General Contractors benefit from thermal imaging in several areas. Creative Infrared Solutions can assist you in detecting issues in design and construction such as:

  • Roof scans (flat and pitched) for water intrusion
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Locating undesirable air infiltration
  • Find electrical hot spots, loose wires, and overheated electrical circuits and breakers
  • Missing insulation
  • HVAC duct leaks

Utilities & Refineries

Utility, refineries, factories, and many commercial industries are often required to provide and document thermal image scans for insurance and safety requirements.  Creative Infrared Solutions can help you fulfill this requirement with:

Mechanical Scans:

  • Motors
  • Production equipment
  • Gears and bearing assemblies

Electrical Scans:

  • Power generation
  • Distribution systems
  • Switch gears
  • Panels and fuses.
  • All electrical connections to equipment

Solar Integrators

Solar Panels
Solar Panels

All solar installations are not equal and the cost of a solar installations in certain circumstances may not provide a long term savings.  Thermal imaging and inspections by Creative Infrared Solutions can help identify issues and concerns in the planning phases of solar integration which will allow you to better plan the architecture of the system.

Horse Owners & Veterinarians – Complete Equine Scanning

Horse owners, equestrians, and veterinarians all can find excellent value in equine scanning.  Creative Infrared Solutions provides you with a non-invasive process that allows you to see a problem before you can physically detect a problem with your horse.  Treatment of your horse in the beginning stages of an injury or illness will help you prevent unnecessary stress and even death.