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Creative Infrared Solutions (CIS) uses the latest cutting edge technology in thermal imaging to help you avoid potential problems before they become costly failures. Read more on our residential and commercial services.

Money Saving Solutions

  • Building Envelope and Energy Scans
  • Home Construction and Renovation
  • Commercial and Residential PPM
  • Equine Scanning

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State of the Art – Technology and Experience

Thermal Infrared Imaging
Signs of Moisture

C.I.S workmanship is state-of-the-art in both technology and interpretive experience. Our goal is simple. Creative Infrared Solutions provides our customers with expertly crafted and accurate reports which allows you the choose how to remedy latent or existing problems in your home or business.

Why Creative Infrared Solutions?

There are several reasons why you need the professional services provided by Creative Infrared Solutions. Our professional and courteous staff will be glad to explain the benefits of conducting a thermal infrared scan and how it will help you.

You need thermal infrared scanning if you want to avoid….

  • Costly repairs to your personal residence, business, or vacation rental/home.
  • Unnecessarily high heating/cooling charges.
  • Loss of property due to unseen structural and/or water damage.
  • Making a costly mistake when buying a new home or add an incentive when selling your home.

Variety of Services

Radiant Floor HeatingOur team offers offer a wide variety of infrared thermal scanning services including:

  • Building envelope scans.
  • Energy audits.
  • Initiating and/or Supporting PM/PDM programs.
  • Electrical and mechanical scans.

Integrity and Trust

Thermal imaging is non-destructive which eliminates time consuming testing or costly repairs associated with most forms of testing. Furthermore, whether you are a home or a business owner you will find that our services are the product of an informed and dedicated staff that provides the utmost in professionalism and prides themselves on integrity and the trust it inspires in every customer.