About Creative Infrared Solutions

Thermal Floor ImagePresident of Creative Infrared Solutions (C.I.S.), Chuck Miles, is a Certified Level III Thermographer by the Infraspection Institute.  Level III certification is the highest level available and qualifies C.I.S. to offer both quantitative and qualitative services.


The CIS team has extensive experience in the building and mechanical trades in both residential and commercial markets.

Additionally, Chuck is certified as a building analyst through BPI (Building Performance Institute) and is also conversant with the latest in Green materials and applications. Learn more about BPI at their web site (External Link – New Window)

Areas of Expertise

C.I.S. is also experienced in PM / PDM (Preventative and Predictive Maintenance) and Applications in R&D. Such applications are important for the effective management and repair which will represent significant savings by:

  • Lowering Direct Replacement Costs
  • Decreasing Indirect Costs
  • Minimizing Loss Due to Production Downtime


  • Infraspection Institute Certified Level III Thermographer — License #7692
  • BPI Building Analyst Professional Certified — License #7240