Commercial Services

Thermal Imaging

Beyond the most basic services of scanning your building / facilities envelope for Insulation deficiencies, air intrusion and moisture damage there are many other applications which can eliminate excessive repair costs or optimize your PM/PDM programs.

Prevent Catastrophic Failures

Can you afford your electrical system to fail?

Scanning your electrical panels and main switch gear for potential faults before a catastrophic failure will minimize your exposure to costly downtime.

Roof and Wall Inspections

Can you afford water damage on your equipment or inventory? Water damages can be avoided with regular scanning of flat and low pitched roofs. Surveys for leaks through the membrane or trapped moisture within the insulation below the membrane are crucial to identify.

Roof repairs on a troubled spot are less expensive than guessing the entire roof needs replacement. Creative Infrared Solutions Infrared Thermal Imaging can save you thousands of dollars.

HVAC Optimization

It is unfortunate that many HVAC systems are over designed in order to allow for inefficiency while still providing the necessary cooling. Scans of production and mechanical gear that can:

  • Predict a potential failure before it occurs.
  • Save your business money by identifying possible shortcoming in your HVAC system design and recommend possible fixes.



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